How to Get Verified Badge on Instagram Easy Steps

In today’s world, there are a lot of web applications or you can say the social media applications including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok, etc. There are thousands of accounts on every single social media platform. And it is very difficult to know which one is an official account and which one is fake.

To solve this problem, Twitter introduced a verification badge back in June 2009. And then this concept is further followed by Google plus in the year 2011, Facebook back in the year 2012, and Instagram in 2014.

Verification badge in Instagram doesn’t mean that Instagram has confirmed that account as an authentic Brand, Celebrity, or any Public Figure. If you are curious about how to get a verification badge next to your account, then you have come to the right place.

We have done all the hard work and all the search for you so that you don’t need to go through multiple tabs just to know how to get verified on Instagram. We are telling you here how you can apply for the Instagram verification. We are also providing you with some best tips that will help you to qualify for an Instagram verification badge.

Can You Get a Verified Badge on Instagram?

It is easy to get a verification badge on anyone’s Instagram account but it is also a little bit tricky at the same time. Anyone can request a verification badge on Instagram. It should be in mind that Instagram is specifically and mysteriously very picky about selecting which account is getting verified.

Instagram only issues a verification badge for those accounts that are very popular or notable on this social media application. It can be any Brand, Celebrity, Influencer, or Public Figure. So if you have an account that is also very Notable on Instagram then you will have higher chances of getting a verification badge.

Here you must know about the eligibility criteria for getting the Instagram verified badge. Your account must meet every one of these criteria that are given below in the following:

  • Unique: only a single account of a person can be verified or it can be a business account
  • Authentic: Your account must represent a real person or a brand or a registered business
  • Public account: Your account must be a public account because a private account can not get a verification badge
  • Noticeable: In the dictionary of Instagram a “Notable” name is that name that is highly searched or well known
  • Completeness: You should have a complete bio including a profile picture for or at least a post should be posted on your account

Benefits of Getting a verification badge on Instagram:

There are a lot of advantages of getting verified on Instagram. Some of the benefits of getting verified on Instagram are listed below in the following:


  • Best for SEO: it’s great for Instagram search engine optimization. if you want your account to be top on the search results whenever it is searched then if you have the verification, you will get higher chances to appear on the top.
  • Prevention from Imposters and Copycats: it is one of the best things about getting verified on Instagram because anyone who searches you will immediately see that you are a real one. And it makes sure that you don’t lose any potential followers to other accounts such as “Fan Accounts”.
  • It proves you are trustworthy: If your Instagram is verified then you are considered a publicly known figure or brand. and it is obvious that people will trust those accounts that come with a verification badge from Instagram and it helps you to build your trust.

How to Apply for the Verification Badge on Instagram:

All the steps that you have to take to apply for a verification badge on your account on Instagram are shown here. The steps are mentioned below in the following:

  • Launch the Instagram application installed on your phone
  • Make sure that the account on which you want the verification badge is logged in
  • Go to your Instagram profile by touching on the icon that has your profile picture. You will find that icon in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • After all those steps that are mentioned above. Touch on the menu icon which can be seen in the top right corner of your Instagram profile.
  • Then select the settings icon that can be seen at the bottom right of your Mobile’s screen
  • Then select “Account” from the setting menu
  • And then after scrolling, you will see the “Request Verification”.
  • All you have to do is just tap this option
  • After selecting the option you will see a form appear on your screen. It is pre-filled with your name.
  • Enter your full name
  • After entering your name, tap on “Choose File” and attach a picture of your ID. It can be a driving license, National Identification card, or passport. For any official business document such as electric bill etc
  • You can also open your camera to take a clear picture or you can upload a focused picture of your ID
  • Finally, you are done with it. Now tap the send button at the bottom of your screen in blue color to submit your verification request to the Instagram

After the team of Instagram reviews your application you will receive a response in your notification tab from Instagram. Instagram is very clear that Instagram will never ask you for money e through email. After a few days for a week, you will receive an off feedback message which tells you whether you have verified or not.

Important Tips for Getting Verified on Instagram:

There are a few understood tips that everyone should follow to get their account verified by Instagram. These are pretty simple tips that will help you a lot in fulfilling your objective. These important tips are listed below in the following:

  • Be a highly searched name: like other social media apps, Instagram is all about unexpectedly discovering. And this is the reason the Instagram explore page was designed. Instagram wants to know if people are interested in you if you want to get your account verified.
  • You should apply when your name is in the news: for this, your name or your brand should be featured in several news sources. You should Google about your brand. The paid and promotional content does not count in this
  • Delete other links from your Bio: Instagram wants you not to insist or ask your followers to add you on other social media applications. You can add links to your website
  • If your brand’s name is used by multiple fake accounts or fans, then there are higher chances for you to get a verification badge from Instagram. Distinguishing between fake ones and real ones is the purpose. I’ll have to search for the imported accounts. It is it has become very easy nowadays. You can use a social media monitoring tool such as Zerofox’s Hootsuite Integration. You can Google how to use it

How You Can Lose Your Verification Badge:

If Instagram can give you a verification badge, no wonder that it can take it. There are some important things you need to know so that you don’t lose your verification badge. These are mentioned below in the following:

  • Advertisement
  • Sell your verification badge
  • Trying to verify an Instagram account through a third party
  • Using your Bio profile picture to promote other services, etc


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to get a blue tick on Instagram?

If you want the verification badge on your Instagram account then you must be a well-known branded figure. You must be highly searched and featured in multiple news sources

What does verification mean and why do we need it?

Verification tick owner profile of Instagram tells us that the account is confirmed and it is an authentic profile. It can be a celebrity, public figure, or brand.

How many followers do I need to get a verification badge on Instagram?

It really doesn’t matter how many followers you have gained on your account.

Do you get paid after getting verified by Instagram?

After getting verified you are telling the world that you are something. You can be hired by brands to promote their product. Instagram users have been paying up to $7,000 to get their accounts verified.

How much money is being paid to you on 1000 followers?

If you buy Instagram Followers From IGViral it will cost you 12 Pounds. It totally depends on your field. If you have 1000 followers on more than and this then you should probably look for the marketing channels.

Can you lose your Instagram verification badge?

That’s a pretty straightforward answer yes. You can lose your Instagram verification badge. If you go against the rules and guidelines of Instagram. It includes the advertisement for selling your verified account to someone else, etc.


Now you have come to the end of this article, you can understand that it is a little tricky task to do. Now you have pretty much knowledge regarding the verification badge on your Instagram account and how you can apply for it. You should keep in mind that if your account is eligible for verification, there is no 100%  chance that you will get verified by Instagram.

It’s also not possible to get verified on all social media apps. It includes Reddit etc. by getting the verification badge from Instagram on your account you can create a big difference.

Your account will be distinguished from the fake fan accounts, your business or brand can get people’s trust along with other many advantages. All you need to do is to follow all the steps and the guidelines that are mentioned above.

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