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Instagram Image Size: Dimensions and Complete Guide 2021

You can post snaps on Instagram in square, horizontal, or portrait mode. That’s a fairly decent window open for people with varying tastes. Of course, you’d rather post a picture of yourself in portrait mode than horizontal. On the contrary, scenic images look best in horizontal picture modes.

Now, if you think these things through, you might’ve wondered what could be the perfect Instagram image size. We all pay great attention to the resolution, effects, and grid borders but somehow neglect the size of an image before posting. Now that pattern is a part of the past. Here are the best Instagram image sizes for picture prefect posts!

What’s The Best Image Size For Instagram?

Instagram Horizontal Images Size

Isn’t posting in this image mode the trickiest? You can rely on the image adjustment icon in the corner to crop things until they fit. The Instagram-approved aspect ratio for horizontal images would be 1.91:1.

If the height for each landscape pic you shot is 1080 px your grid appears more in sync. Don’t forget, the ideal photo size for these images is 1080px by 1350px.

Instagram Portrait Images Size

The aspect ratio that should be kept in mind for this case is 4:5. Portrait pictures are fairly easier to adjust. The appropriate image size for these Instagram pictures size will be 1080px by 1350px. Thus if you exceed this limit, you’ll be prompted to make adjustments accordingly.

Instagram Square Images Size

Apple users hold a great advantage over most Android ones. That’s because they can take almost identically sized square images in their default camera. Even if that’s not the case, IG’s auto-cropping feature will have your back.

Just tap on the frame-like icon in the control of your snap to adjust to a square image. Lastly, the ideal size for this kind of Instagram snap is 1080px by 1080px.


In the past, Instagram users could only post pictures that edited by the 1:1 aspect ratio. Now, things are slightly more relaxed. So, make the best out of these notations especially if you run a photography blog. Choosing the right size for your images only makes them stand out even more. We hope that this article helped you understand Instagram’s varying dimensions and photo orientations. Happy posting!

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