How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

Ultimate Guide: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

Who doesn’t want to land on Instagram’s explore page? It’s every IG creator’s dream! So, to land in the favor of Instagram’s overlords. You do have to become a little bit creative and strategic. The use of Instagram hashtags might’ve become quite a norm. Yet, people rarely use hashtags wisely.

People tend to fill up their entire captions with irrelevant hashtags. So, why don’t they receive the same engagement they dreamt of? When the right tags are used in the right way, only then your content can turn more discoverable. So, if you’re interested in catering to a wider audience and building a bigger community; we’re here to help. Here’s your guide on how to use hashtags on Instagram;

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram 2021 Guide

Posting Hashtags On IG Stories

Instagram stories are the most instant way of posting content on your account. People are more likely to scroll through 10 seconds worth of content. It’s less time taking and way different from scrolling through the whole timeline.

There are two ways in which you can add hashtags to your Instagram stories. You can use the text feature and type down any viral hashtag. On the contrary, you can also use the hashtag sticker. Click on the sticker icon present on the top right corner of the screen. Once you add hashtags to your stories they would become more likely to be seen by a wider audience.

It’s also necessary that your account is in public settings. In this way, the hashtag page present in Instagram’s search bar will display the post you have added hashtags to. People can simply scroll through the hashtag and come across your story. Thus, you end up with more engagement.

Adding hashtags to Instagram posts

While writing down the caption do a post you cannot hashtags to increase Instagram engagement. Just complete the caption you were going to add and then leave some space. Now you can type down the hashtags you were going to add 1 after another.

Some users don’t want to make their Instagram captions appear too bulky. Thus, they choose to add hashtags in the comments section of their Instagram posts. Afterwards, anyone going through that particular hashtag on Instagram will find your post underneath it.

IG Engagement & Hashtags: Some Tips And Notations

You can’t relentlessly add meaningless hashtags to your post. that can bring you more harm than benefit. so before adding hashtags to your content make sure that their quality is assured. Thus you should;

1st Tip:

Avoid using banned or broken hashtags. Banned hashtags are usually under strict scrutiny by Instagram’s algorithm. Usually, such hashtags are associated with sensitive content. This type of content goes against Instagram’s content policies.

So anyone that uses those hashtags might end up getting shadowbanned or face even worse consequences. Using such hashtags can bring your account more harm by reducing your engagement rates. In worse cases, you can even attract a large majority of bots to your profile. Before adding them to your posts make sure that they are not used by people for spam-related purposes or posting banned content.

2nd Tip

Instagram’s algorithm rarely favours anyone. Thus users have to try their hardest to stay in its good books. Posting repetitive content can land you on Instagram’s algorithm’s hit list. Community guidelines clearly state that repetitive content; hashtags, or comments can get you penalized.

This means, That you can’t always post the same hashtags in each new post. Avoid copy-pasting the same set of hashtags in the same order. So with each new post try to find better keywords that can bring you the right engagement.

3rd Tip

If you run an IG handle for your business, you can create branded It’s a strategy used by marketing chiefs for the online promotion of their brand. First, you must popularize it among your audience by mentioning it in your bio. Adding your branded hashtag in each IG story and post also acts as a timely reminder for your Instagram Followers.

4th Tip

Instagram users can post up to 30 hashtags in a single post. That doesn’t mean that you have to fill up your entire post with way too many hashtags. You have to become concise and creative with your approach. Thus it’s better to include up to 3-7 hashtags in a single Instagram post. The same goes for Instagram stories where you can post up to 10 hashtags. It’s not about the number of hashtags. It has more to do with what works best.

5th Tip

Take a look at Instagram analytics and trending hashtags to find the best hashtags for you. Instagram analytics will make you aware of those posts that seem to be receiving more engagement on your account. Then you can use some of the popular hashtags from those posts in your future posts. Instagram also dedicates a separate section to trending keywords. There’s also a separate section dedicated to hashtag-related user impressions.

6th Tip

You can also tap on the tags section and add a keyword of your choice. Later, you’ll be presented with multiple hashtags with those keywords alongside the user ratio.

7th Tip

Pay great attention to the section of “Related hashtags” as well. These hashtags are also relevant to your niche but slightly more unique.


The biggest takeaway here is to stick to your niche. So, if you’re someone who posts travel content, you probably shouldn’t be using couture-related hashtags. Take a good look at fellow content creators from your niche and community.

There’s no harm in trying something that seems to be working well for their account. If you’re someone who posts daily, using daily hashtags might be your ticket to success. These tags usually are related to days of the week. For instance; #MondayBlues, #TGIF etc. We hope that this article told you all you needed to know about IG hashtags. Now, grab your phone and start your research for future posts!

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