Instagram Characters Limits: DMs, Bio, Posts, Captions & Hashtags

The Instagram app is a brilliant platform for attaining new clients. You can boost your brand, organization, and company. Also other social places with this terrific app. There are some limitations for the advertisement and marketing perspectives.

Instagram Characters Limits:

The Instagram characters limit is similar to Facebook character limits. Instagram characters contain headlines, link descriptions, and body text. The headline contains 40 characters. The body text contains 125 characters. The link descriptions have almost 30 characters.

The caption limit of Instagram characters is about 2200 characters. It allows sufficient space for adding context to the posts. So you can add sufficient context for your posts through your captions. This is also important to note that if you want to display your full captions then Instagram recommends a few characters about 125. The first three lines of the Instagram captions will be displayed, remaining cations become truncated.

Characters for Longer posts/ posts length:

If you want to increase the length of your posts. So here may be a trick for doing this by maintaining your caption until you have got 2200 counts of character. In the next step, you will upload your content and add the remaining captions into the comments segment. At the last, for adding the remaining captions within the comments segment, you must want to direct your followers and audience there.

The social media network provides the character limits on the text writings for the users. They use them to convey their messages, images, and videos. By doing this, they promote their content to the followers and other Instagram users.

Firstly, The character limit plays an important role in making your written texts. and posts. Those seem to be more clean, crispy, more engaging, and less cluttered.

On the other hand, you will feel like the character limit is restricting you at times. . This limit is set by the social media networks is

So, here the Instagram character limits provide you with the proper guidance. These give important details about all limits. Such as username limits, caption limits. bio limits, and hashtags limits on the social media network.

Classification of Instagram Character limit:

There are 2200 characters on Instagram.

Here below we told about how Instagram characters are classified into several categories

  • DM contains a 1000 characters limit.
  • Bio 150 contains character limits.
  • The username contains a 30 characters limit.
  • Hashtags contain a 30 characters limit.
  • Profile name contains a 30 characters limit.
  • Caption Truncation contains 125 characters limit

The bold words are categories that show the classification of characters.

Instagram DMs:

 The Instagram DMs are a perfect way to connect and communicate with other Instagrammers on the platform. It is an easy and short form of direct communication. It is used to send and write texts, custom-made images, videos, and also send other content by using the various features on Instagram.

Instagram DMs characters:

The Instagram DM carries about 1000 characters in its character limit. You can’t exceed more than this limit. For getting the Instagram DM’s, you have to click on the paper plane icon that is in the top right corner. The 1000 Instagram DM characters are between 140 and 250 words. Spaces are also included in the DM character limit. These 1000 characters will reach between 170 and 330 words if we will not add the spaces between them.

Instagram DMs characters limit:

There are character limits of Instagram DM that are 1000 characters. This limit controls most of the spammers and prevents overloading. The Instagram DM character will help you to keep the DM within the character limit.

So here we will apply these Instagram DM character limits to make it perfect.

Instagram Profile:

The Instagram profile provides your Instagram bio and Instagram posts that have to be uploaded. It also shows the whole profile info and sets it by adjusting your account settings. Here you can manage and edit your profile. When you browse on the mobile tap “Instagram. com” then your profile picture will be shown. Bt tape your profile picture in the right bottom. Your overall profile will open.

Instagram Profile Character limit:

The Instagram profile contains 30 characters within the limit from the whole 2200 characters of Instagram. You can’t exceed this limit by adding more than 30 characters to the profile.

Instagram Bio Character :

Instagram bio contains around 150 characters in its character limit. By using the Instagram bio counter you can get help to correct the IG bio characters.

Instagram Bio Character limit:

The Instagram bio character limits can create actual issues and problems for the brands, manufacturers. organizations, and agencies. It can be too difficult to collect your followers and encourage them with simply 150 characters. But with the various things, some alternatives can be applied, you can apply them as a way to get that character limit. Here we provide you with many ideas that how you add more than 150 characters to your Instagram bio character limit.

Methods to Increase your Bio Character limit:

By adding a link in your bio:

If you need to increase the length of your characters, you can add a link. If you want your fans and followers to get more information. and learn more about your brand, organization, business, and channels. Then you add the link to your Instagram bio. It is a quick and easy way for your followers to learn about you properly. That link directly sends your followers to your most extensive bio page such as “About us”.

By using posts:

Posts contain a larger limit of characters as compared to the written characters that have a low character limit. In a single post, you attain about 2200 characters. In this way, you can use this space. By doing this, your followers get more information about you, your brands, and your organizations. They will easily reach your Instagram bio in this way. For grabbing the followers to their bio regularly, some people upload their bio’s and links on a daily basis. This can be an effective way to the followers but update your bio and links regularly can also be a time-consuming method.

By making the story Highlights:

The use of story highlights is another greatest way to increase your Instagram bio character limit. The highlights of the story are archived versions of whole day stories for 24 hours that you are uploaded. Some stories that you want to archive, you can control them completely. You can also categorize your stories to make them simple and easy so that your followers could easily browse them.

Instagram Username:

Choose an elegant Instagram username for your Instagram account. It represents your brand and organization. It recognizes your profile to the audience. Your username should be unique because it seems at the top of your profile and the last of your profile’s URL. It needs to be written in a good manner.

Instagram username characters:

The maximum length of an Instagram username is about 30 characters.

The username characters contain numbers, letters, periods, and underscores.

Some Characters are not allowed:

Characters that you can’t use in your username include the symbols and other punctuation marks.

Instagram Username Character limit:

The username can’t contain more than 30 characters. You do not have to necessarily write your complete name in your username. For the complete name and other information, the bio section is available.

So you need to choose your username within the character limit of 30, which should be relevant to your content and profile.

For instance, if you promote your face masks, then you will apply the username. Such as @uniquefacemasks or @protectionbymasks.

Instagram Captions:

If you are an Instagram user you must b know about the captions. The captions are very important when you are creating the posts. Instagram gives you more length of writing the post captions than various other social media network sites. But still, here there is also a limit set for writing the maximum range of words that you add there as a caption.

Instagram Caption character limit:

The Instagram caption has 30 characters in its caption limit. You can use all these characters for creating the most elegant captions.

Some Instagrammers create short captions but some users create longer captions. That becomes boring, time-consuming, and less interesting.

In Instagram, if you add a caption that exceeds your character limit by more than 125 characters. Then the proper caption will not show. Because after 125 characters the remaining caption will be hidden. After it, your followers and audience have to click “see more” to read the full caption about the posts. This is known as the “Cation Truncation”

In this way, it may be possible that your followers and other audience that have Instagram interests may lose their interests.

So, it is necessary that you cover your most important information and points in the first 125 characters.

It is a good trick that you create and complete your caption within the character limit. By doing this, your caption will become more attractive and elegant to the audience’s eyeballs.

It will engage you with many followers and other sites. This has been endorsed by social media networks.

So, you need to create a short caption. So Keep your caption short, elegant, and sweet so that the followers became more engaged with your page. This triggers the Instagram algorithms to show your content to more people.

Instagram Hashtags:

The Instagram hashtag feature also plays an important role in communicating. and connecting with followers. If it is used properly, then it is a great and powerful marketing tool. We talk about the correct quantity of Instagram hashtags. The reviews that are given by professionals are usually considered different. According to the latest study, the post with hashtags should above 11. if the posts of social media networks with hashtags are above 11. It creates larger and stronger connections.

Firstly ensure that the hashtags apply to your content. Instagram will show your associated hashtags to the followers and other people. It is considered a great concept to google famous hashtags for your interested area. Here you go together with your posts.

Instagram Hashtag character limit:

The character limit of Instagram hashtags is different. from other character limits on the platform.

Instagram lets you apply a maximum of 30 characters per caption. These characters are perfect for the hashtags within the character limit.

It depends upon you. You add these characters withinside the caption or withinside the feedback session.

It is the Instagram counter function that counts the hashtag characters.

So keeping in mind the hashtag character limit, you can’t add the characters in the hashtags more than 30. It will not be allowed.


So, you can able to decide how to use the correct number of characters within the character limits. Now you can apply them in a perfect way for your Instagram account. Now you easily achieve your goals by sending. and communicating with your followers and audience.

You have to keep in mind the perfect character limits. You will be happily engaged with your Instagram followers and other Instagram users. This platform establishes the character limit for certain reasons. Especially, you can engage with the people in an elegant way. Like several things that apply in marketing, it is also not a difficult science.

You should try and experiment with the different techniques. By this, you will get the observations. and guidance to make your Instagram account, one of the best accounts on the platform.

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