How to Make a Good Bio for Instagram Profile

How to Make a Good Bio for Instagram Profile?

How can people leave a good first impression of their online presence on Instagram? The answer is simple; with the help of an innovative and unique Instagram bio. Choosing the right bio for Instagram is essential for brand value and user impression.

It’s supposed to be a mirror image of what you stand for. Within this 150 character description, every Instagram user has to convince potential followers to give your profile a chance. But isn’t it hard to land on the right bio for your account? Especially as a brand owner, you want your bio to stand out and be as professional as possible.

So, if you’re also wondering how to make your Instagram bio; we have the right answers for you! Let’s take a look at some of the many ways you can play cool on IG!

How To Make Your Instagram Bio?

  • Log into your Instagram account from your android or iOS device.
  • Once you log in, tap on “edit profile”. You’ll find it at the top of your profile’s main page.
  • Now, tap on the section stating Bio.
  • You can fill this space with a quote or anything of your choice. There’s also a section left out for URLs. Thus you can leave out contact details, email addresses, or a link to your website.
  • Once it’s done, click on “done” at the top right corner of your screen.

What Should I Write In An Instagram Bio?

Emojis & Fancy Fonts Aren’t Too Bad

Don’t be scared to use emojis in your bio. Some brand owners might get hives from this very idea, but it’s not that deep. People prefer brands that have a fun vibe to them. So, add a sprinkle of some colourful emojis to attract attention to your bio. You can even use arrows to indicate the position of your official website. If the default Neue Helvetica font seems boring. Just spice things up with something fancy to make your bio look different.

Take Your Time To Flex

Mentioning any skills or experiences might be a great idea. For example; if you’re a writer looking for more work; publishing houses would be glad to know that you’ve received some appreciation in the past. No wonder people like mentioning that they’ve written a “New York Time’s Best Seller” book or won a famous literary honour. Adding hobbies or interests can further humanize your online presence. In a way, it makes you seem more engaging and likeable.

Lyrics and Inspirational Quotes

What if you’re in a quick rush and can’t think of anything right now? The good old solution; finding an IG bio template. There are tons of inspirational quotes and song lyrics that can rejuvenate your Instagram bio. For example; Here’s a quote by Mark Twain that you can use in your Instagram bio; “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval”

Qualities Of An Outstanding Instagram Bio

There are multiple ways to make your IG bio seem more lively and innovative. Of course, it would be pretty boring if your account has nothing new to offer. There are a few qualities present in every good IG bio;

  • An IG bio with “soul” can attract way more attention than the ones that lack it. So, ask yourself, if your bio should have a humorous touch or something more playful.


  • As a brand owner, you should be finding ways to incorporate your brand’s tagline. It’s a great way to introduce people to your company’s vision. It’s a cool marketing tool. Furthermore, your IG bio should give a nod to the very first thing you want people to know regarding your products.


  • A good IG bio is always comprehensible. So, avoid using extremely complex words. You can break down the material into chunks by using bullet points and giving enough space in sentences.


  • Nobody wants to read an entire paragraph when an IG bio’s involved. Keep it short and meaningful.


  • If you have any other accounts you want your followers to be aware of; tag them in the bio. You can also add links to your other social media handles; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.


  • Influencers can use their bio as an opportunity to state their niche, age, or passions. Thus, potential followers would be much more aware of your personality and background. Don’t shy away from dropping a link to your recent brand collaboration. Bio’s the first thing people look at while checking out your account. So, mentioning anything that could impress IG users will take the cake.


  • Mention your branded Instagram hashtags if you have one. This will let people know where they can interact with other members of your community and share related content.


  • It’s important to add an email address if you’re a content creator or an official account for a brand. In this way, brands can reach out to you for paid deals and PR. Meanwhile, customers can share their grievances or suggestions via email.


  • If you’re a small local business you can add a URL to your latest item. This will automatically redirect users to your latest launch. Also mention if you’re a local endeavour or a multinationals brand. People like supporting local businesses now and then. Thus, mentioning it could increase sales.


There’s no hard and fast rule to making an Instagram bio. Let your creative juices flow and you’ll make a shot ultimately. This article incorporates all key points you should be considering while creating an IG bio.

There’s no compulsion to add 150 characters. If the characters you’ve typed seem lesser than this yet perfect, you’re toast! Just don’t use this space to add way too many emojis. The emojis you use should be relevant to the words you typed.

Otherwise, it’ll seem like you haven’t made an effort to cater to your account’s appearance. We hope that now you can create an Instagram bio that can attract the good looks of your current and future audience!

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