How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm 2021

In the past, it was easy to get on top of Instagram because it used chronological feed. It means the account timeline was organized based on the timely order whenever a person posted something. But with gradual modification in IT technology, Instagram also has sustained many updates to become what it is today.

And honestly, it is all thanks to those algorithmic updates that Instagram has become such a broad and versatile platform. Due to the latest adaptations in the new Instagram algorithm, it has become challenging to rank your post higher on the news feed.

The Instagram algorithm changed the entire game, as you can no longer win the race just by posting chronologically. That issue gives rise to a spark for learning and understanding the new Instagram Algorithm in detail.

It is significant to get a closer look at Instagram algorithm changes to establish and promote your business. If you know what you are dealing with, myriad opportunities will come to improve your bearing.

Here we are disclosing the internal structure of the new Instagram algorithm. So, you can grasp a better understating of Instagram algorithm changes and how it works to rank your posts.

Is it Beneficial to Know About Instagram Algorithm?

If you are not familiar with Instagram algorithm changes, you might wonder why your account engagement isn’t flaring up. The new Instagram algorithm was a mystery until some bloggers stepped up and shared their insight on its operability.

Now the bright side is, you escalate your Instagram engagement if you review the Instagram algorithm. We have processed all the information that will lead your business to excessive growth.

Insight of New Instagram Algorithm

The previous algorithm arranged the posts as a timeline of events. However, the new Instagram algorithm change the previous formulation into the trendy one. Now the Instagram shows the events on the feed that are closer to your memory.

It means now the pristine posts get more chances to appear on the news feed of Instagram. Furthermore, the new Instagram algorithm prioritizes the post uploaded at a time when most people are active.

Also, the new algorithm surfaces the post on your feeds that closely relate to your area of interest.

There are also classifiers in the Instagram software that allows the algorithm to process according to their in-built specifications.

Instagram Algorithm in 2021

We all assume that Instagram is operating on a solitary algorithm. Contrary to our assumption, Instagram states that multiple algorithms are working on the backend to provide an excellent user experience.

Instagram is a global social platform with an extensive network. Hence there is a total of three commodities that affiliate themselves with Instagram.

There is a group of people who use Instagram only as a social feed to keep up with trends. The second group of people includes the influencers who use Instagram as a rostrum to gain popularity. The third group involves the entrepreneurs who utilize Instagram for developing business and acquiring customers.

So, it will be hard to comprehend that a single algorithm is heeding to all three categories of Instagram users. Furthermore, Instagram has a variety of features so, multiple backend codes combine to provide the ultimate function of the Instagram algorithm.

Let us hear about the key factors that decide your account engagement, business growth, ranking, and account feed. We will discuss how the Instagram algorithm works for all features of Instagram.

How does New Instagram Algorithm work on Post Feed?

There is an algorithm working behind the posts you see on your Instagram timeline. These are the few elements that the AI intercepts to present you with a timeline filled with posts of your interest.


On your home feeds, you see the posts from the pages with which you interact frequently. Your posts will get priority in the news feed of followers if your business account has higher engagement,

Frequency of Posts

The new Instagram algorithm follows the rule of frequency. You can make it to the top search list of Instagram by the frequency of your posts. People who post frequently get more engagement.

Also, the frequency depicts how often you activate your Instagram account. The algorithm shows you the posts on your feeds according to your Instagram usage if you frequently open your Instagram.

Account Feeds

New Instagram Algorithm changes the ranking based on your engagement with the content of parallel relevance. It means you see account recommendations based on your area of implication.

The posts related to fashion will appear on your timeline as a recommendation if you like pages relating to the fashion trend.

Temporal Order

The new posts appear on the top of the search list on Instagram rather than old ones. Instead of chronological posts now the recent posts on Instagram dominate the feed post.

Account Following

The number of accounts you are following impacts the posts you see on your Instagram timeline. However, if you are following several accounts, you might not get to see the posts from all accounts.

In such cases, the Instagram algorithm changes the posts on your timeline according to interaction. So, the posts from frequently visited pages will overlap your feeds compared to the followed page you rarely see.

Activation Time

Some people spend a lot of time on Instagram, while some rarely open it. If you are someone who uses Instagram frequently, then you will most likely see more posts. More scrolling means you spend considerable time on Instagram and can see all the recent posts in that duration.

Other Details That Drive Your Instagram Timeline

The new algorithm also collects information about your activities to induce a perfect news feed for you.

It picks the details about the posts.

It gathers a detail of your preference for video content.

It observes the posts that you comment on or like.

How much time do you spend on a post?

After gathering these details, the Instagram algorithm drives a list of posts for your feed with some recommendation posts. All the accumulated data helps the Instagram algorithm to anticipate the answers to the following plights before recommending a post to you.

What are the chances that you will like the recommended post?

Will you leave a comment on the recommended post?

What is the probability ratio of you to tap on the profile icon after of recommended post?

Do the recommended posts align with your previously shown interest in other posts?

What are the chances that you will like the post?

These questions are the elementary features that assist the Instagram algorithm in generating a feed that matches your interests. These questions scale your relevance for recommending a post and sorting posts from the accounts you are following.

How does Instagram Algorithm work for Stories in 2021?

Instagram works almost in the same manner for the stories. On the top of your timeline, stories appear. The Instagram highlights mostly belong to the accounts you generally interact with and follow. If you interact with specific friends regularly, then their stories will appear at the start.

However, even if your interaction is minimum with certain accounts, their stories will still appear on your post feed.

How does Instagram Algorithm work for IGTV?

The videos on your IGTV in explore section mainly belong to the accounts you follow. Instagram also checks your previous interaction to add IGTV videos from accounts that you are not yet following.

But again, the priority on the IGTV tab always corresponds to the accounts you are already closely following. If you want to boost user interaction with your videos, then try to add short clips.

The new Instagram algorithm perceives the IGTV posts as potential videos if you upload their preview on story or feed beforehand.

How does Instagram Algorithm work for the Search Page?

The prime source of driving posts for the feeds and explore page includes your previous interactions, location, and interests. So, the algorithm that organizes your explore page is not that much different from the feeds.

It all depends on your interests and interactions. That way, the new Instagram algorithm shows you posts to retain your curiosity. It is also a premier factor in the increment in Instagram audience over the years.

The new Instagram algorithm also analyses your likes, comments, scrutiny, and location for the search tab. However, the posts on your feed mostly come from the accounts that you are following on Instagram. In contrast, the posts on explore page come from the new accounts containing content that matches your demeanour.

Mostly you find posts on the search page that already have high engagement but, you are not among their followers. It means Instagram practically shows you the famous accounts that you can follow to keep up with the trend.

Instagram Algorithm reads following trend to align the explore page of your taste.

Utility of Explore Page

The New Instagram algorithm analyzes whether you use explore age frequently.

Interest in Posts from Unfamiliar Accounts

Do you watch posts from other accounts even when you are not following them?


How often do you watch, like, and interact with the posts from accounts which are not in your following list?

Your Interest

Whether you like and interact with this type of account or posts? Are you following any pages from the same area of Interest?

How Instagram Algorithm Changes for Reels in 2021

The Instagram reels is a new feature and, knowing its algorithm can provide a drastic push in engagement. Instagram algorithm changes its typical processes and allows the reels with HD quality to get to the top.

Also, the reels with inspirational or innovative content containing text and stickers are perceived positively by the algorithm.

Strategies to Use New Instagram Algorithm in Your Favour

Post Frequent Stories on Instagram

Instagram stories are time-limited and, people likely see the stories. What’s more, stories carry more chances to increase your account engagement as they appear on your followers’ accounts.

Even if your followers don’t interact much with your posts, your stories can remind them to visit their page. If you upload stories frequently, your Instagram account engagement will significantly uprise.

Additionally, upload interactive stories by using Q&A sessions, emoji sliders, or polls to gather higher engagement. Add stories frequently because they can get higher chances to escalate your account synergy.

With a high engagement rate, your stories can also appear on the audience timeline as a recommendation. Furthermore, Instagram stories give you a chance to interact with a larger audience to strengthen your business. Frequently upload stories, and if you are short on time, you can use apps to schedule your stories in advance.

Use Hashtags and Keywords

The posts that come loaded with likes and comments symbolize that they have great engagement. Mostly, the posts with Instagram hashtags and keywords get to earn the place on the explore page.

The prime agenda of exploring algorithms is to offer users content that matches their scrutiny. So, you can use compelling captions, relevant hashtags on visual posts to get to the search page.

Share Reels and IGTV on Your Feed

To stand out for the Instagram algorithm to pick your content as a priority, always share your reels and IGTV on feed. You can add mesmerizing captions and hashtags on your Reels and IGTV while posting them on the feed to harness engagement.

The video content is eye-catching as it auto-plays and also enhances the engagement time.

Live Sessions

The Instagram algorithm sends a separate notification to all the followers whenever you go live. It means even if your audience has limited interaction with the page, your life session will act as a reminder for them.

Visually Striking Posts

Always try to post something that visually mesmerizes your audience on Instagram. The new Instagram algorithm prioritizes posts that contain eye-catching content and are visually compelling.

 Use Instagram Insight

The Instagram algorithm offers you the insight of your page that is an extremely plus point for you. You can analyze your audience engagement and preference to craft the content accordingly.

The Instagram algorithm gives you an edge by sharing the average time of activation of your followers. Use this information outlaid by the new Instagram algorithm to foster your business.

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