5 Killer Ways To Increase Engagement On Instagram

Ways To Increase Engagement On Instagram

Whether you’re an influencer or a regular Instagram user, you’ll always want to be on the good side of its algorithm. The amount of engagement you’ll receive on this social media platform is relevant to your success. The more engagement you receive, the better chances you’ll have of becoming more popular. Instagram bloggers, in particular, have better chances of cashing out their engagement rates through PR related content and paid promotions.

So, needless to say, we’ve all at least once wondered how to increase engagement on Instagram? It’s difficult but not impossible. This is why we’ve compiled a brief guide of some easy tactics that can skyrocket your Instagram analytic graphs. Let’s take a look;

Select a Specific Posting Window

If you post on random hours, each post will receive a random amount of engagement. Keeping a specific posting window in a particular time zone is a great idea. It assures that more people will see your post. The more Instagram followers stumble upon your content, the more chances of engagement you have. Instagram offers its users a chance to find out which hour’s suit them the most.

You can head over to Instagram Insights to view the analytics for each post. Now, find out which posts received more engagement. Then decide on a posting window accordingly. You can discover where the majority of your online audience is from. Instagram also categorizes your leading followers based on their countries. Therefore, if more people are viewing your content in the UK instead of the USA. You must post according to the former’s time zone.

Stories Are Your Go-To Option

Instagram stories provide quite a lot of creative liberty to creators. There’s a rarely used advantage of this particular feature. You can share your recent posts on your stories to divert specific attention to them. In this way, two kinds of people will have a chance to view your content. The former are the users who don’t search for your IG handle. The latter are the ones who rarely scroll down their timeline.

Before posting anything, make sure that you tease your audience in the right manner. Create descriptive stories which give a hint on your next post. This points out that you’re about to post something essential. This helps in keeping your virtual audience on the edge of their seat.

Stories can be viewed much quicker. That’s one of the many reasons why even in a hurry people can view up to 5-6 stories per minute. You can use the arrow icon beside your Instagram posts to share them on your IG stories. Don’t shy away from using attractive stickers or emojis. It only makes your story more prominent and impressionable. You can also cover up half the image to create some suspense. In this way, your followers will get tempted to click on your image. Thus, you’ll get the most engagement you wished for.

Seize Chances of Engagement within Your Niche

As a content creator, you’re always in need of more people that might get interested in what you post. So, the best way to find those people is by finding other content creators in your niche. The people that still aren’t aware of your presence might be following those creators. If you’re a food blogger, you’ll find a whole lot of food bloggers on IG’s platform. So, it should be your foremost task to attract the attention of their audience. You can do this by creating opportunities for mutual collaborations.

Moreover, these collaborations often involve a whole lot of stories and tagging. So, there are more chances of your account ending up on their stories and vice versa. You can find similar accounts from your niche. Head over to the search bar and then visit similar hashtags. For example as a fashion critic, you can visit hashtags that revolve around couture. Find the people who post about couture under those tags. Create a simple dialogue and remain in touch with these creators.

Interact With Your Followers

What kind of posts would make your audience engage more with your posts? It depends on the type of people that follow. Yet, generally, queries of various kinds can coax them into commenting on your posts. Instagram’s analytics pay special attention to one aspect. Whether you interact with your Instagram followers or not can be game-changing. People who generally reply quicker have more chances of gathering higher engagement rates. Furthermore, once more and more people start interacting with a specific post.

Instagram considers it as an essential post. That means that it is worth everyone’s attention. If you’re talking about a specific person or account, don’t forget to tag them. For example; mentioning the designers or places you bought your whole attire worn in an IG post.

The Usage of Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are pretty common. So, it’s used by everyone including popular brand moguls or local influencers. Taking part in viral trends via hashtags is quite a norm nowadays. Yet, there’s a twist to that. You can’t just randomly bombard your Instagram post’s description with unrelated hashtags. Using relevant hashtags increases your chances of getting discovered. Your posts will be more prominent among a sea of other posts. With each passing minute, new posts get added to every hashtag on IG.

Thus, there are chances that people are waiting to explore new content based on those topics. You can head over to Instagram’s search bar. Just add a relevant word in the tags section. You’ll find various hashtags that receive lots of interaction daily.


Of course, it’s impossible to always stay ahead of everyone on Instagram. Yet, one can find many ways to make sure that none of your posts ends up without a few thousand Instagram likes. The most essential thing to keep in mind is that you must stay consistent. Applying the tactics mentioned above to increase engagement on Instagram will divert high engagement rates towards your account. Are there any other strategies that work for you? Let us know in the comments!

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