Guide on How to Add a Link to Instagram Story

Instagram is the ultimate hub for marketing and promotion. Nowadays it acts as a marketplace on its own thanks to the availability of online sellers and the IG cart feature. So, it’s only fair that now users can use swipe up links in their IG stories. Adding links does make the whole process a bit more seamless without any doubt. It seems more engaging due to its simple nature.

If you’re running behind on this new feature and wondering how to add a link to an Instagram story; we’ve got the whole scoop for you. Here’s all you need to know about this very limited IG stories feature and how you can use it!

How To Add A Link To Instagram Story

Here’s a straightforward way to add links to any of your IG stories. Follow these steps in consecutive order;

  • Head over to your Instagram app. Now, swipe right to open the Instagram stories section on your phone.
  • Now, you can either take a picture, video or use the creator mode to post something from your camera roll. Once you’ve decided you’re planning to post in your IG stories. You’ll find a chain icon at the top of your screen.
  • Tap on this chain-like icon to insert the link you’ve copied from someplace else.
  • Tap on “URL” and then don’t forget to hit “Done” afterwards.
  • Now, you can make any final changes to your story by adding stickers, text etc.
  • Post this IG story like you’d post any other story on your Instagram account. After posting, anyone who comes across this story will find a “see more” option at the bottom.
  • By swiping upwards or clicking on “see more” that particular IG user will be redirected to the link you posted.

What’s Up With All This Hype?

This tool can automatically revolutionize the business strategies of my brands. In the past, brands had to redirect their followers to the links in their bio. Sometimes brands even dropped links in people’s DMs when inquired about any new products.

But, now all they have to do is add a link to an IG story and it automatically reaches out to all their followers. Brands can add links to their new products, collections and official shop handles. Another great advantage is that; IG users can now access everything without even leaving the app.

You can even bring attention to the posts your audience might’ve missed out on. Influencers can add swipe up links to their Ig posts and reels in their IG stories. This ensures proper engagement even if someone else’s feed wasn’t in your favour beforehand.

Why Can’t I Add Links To My Instagram Stories?

The swipe up link feature’s totally a goldmine for online sellers, small influencers and local businesses. Yet, at the same time, its presence and usage are still pretty limited. This can act as a hurdle for those who want to use it for the sake of product promotion or marketing. There are mainly two kinds of people that have the ability to use this IG stories feature;

So, if you’re wondering why your favourite content creator can post links to their stories but you can’t; you probably don’t have a mass following. Who knows, Instagram might even extend these limitations or completely abolish them in the near future.

Final Words

It’s hard to tell whether or not usual IG accounts will get access to this feature sooner or later. Getting a verified checkmark alongside your IG username is hard. On the contrary, you can gradually work your way up to 10k followers. There’s still no need to fret if you can’t seem to use this feature right now.

You can always drop links in your followers’ DMs or post them in your bio. We hope that this step by step guide was easy to follow. Do let us know whether or not this IG stories feature was able to stand tall on its hype or it failed!

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