Best Time to Post on Instagram UK For Personal & Business

Best Time to Post on Instagram UK

Planning to crack the Instagram algorithm? Seems like a tough job but one can always twist their way into the system. IG’s algorithm continues to bump down old posts and places newer content at the top. There’s no space for chronological order anymore.

So, in order to receive more engagement, you must want to know the best time to post on Instagram UK, you’ve got to become more peculiar. Making small changes like; using the right tags and time to post can really change the game. IG users are always churning out new content. Thus the only way to make yours noticeable is by posting on the hours when everyone following you is online.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what’s the best time to post on Instagram? You’ve come to the right place. This article entails some optimal posting hours as well as additional measures to find the best posting windows.

What’s The Best Time to Post on Instagram UK?

Weekly Timestamps

Now that you’re really focused on growing an Instagram audience as soon as possible. Here’s a weekly account of the timestamps you should prefer on each day. Before blindly trusting the time given below. Remember that every account’s audience varies. So, if something’s working for your business account; it might not work for your creator’s account. Now let’s continue and make sure you’re scheduling posts in advance;


Between the hours of 11 AM – 2 PM. The first of the weekdays offers you a lot of time to get your content sorted.


The hours between 10 AM – 7 PM seem to be very fruitful.


Posting between the hours of 7 AM – 4 PM promises a milder reach. Meanwhile, engagement rates pop up between 11 AM – 2 PM.


There are also 2-time slots on the fourth day; 10 AM – 2 PM and 6 PM – 7 PM


The period between 9 AM – 2 PM can really turn things around.


Between the hours of 9 AM – 11 AM. This is of course a much tighter spot to be in due to the limited amount of hours.


Between the hours of 8 AM – 2 PM. Experts suggest that one should expect generally low engagement rates on a Sunday. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that. Most people (with the exception of some) are usually out on the weekends. It’s an off day thus it’s usually not spent while aimlessly scrolling on an app.

Some Additional Measures to Post on Instagram

1st Measure

Before you start posting religiously, break down some details about your followers. This means that you’ve got to deduce some important facts about them. Have you ever wondered when exactly your followers scroll IG the most? If you have a business account, Instagram’s analytics can make this task easier for you.

Just head over to your analytics section and swipe through the “Most Active Time” section. Here you can easily discover the residents of which country give you the most engagement. You can then deduce the time zones for those states. Make a schedule and post content when most of your followers are awake.

2nd Measure

Another amazing thing that IG analytics can make you aware of is how your content gets categorized. Whether it’s directed towards a more middle-aged audience or much younger tweens. If the latter is the case, you might want to shape your schedule according to school hours.

It’s a less noticeable thing to take into account but the tiniest things do matter. The “Growth Insights” section gives you chart-based data. Thus you’ll always know whether changing your posting window has benefited you or not.

3rd Measure

Keep a detailed account for each new post starting from now? You can create a spreadsheet containing the timings and engagement rates for each new IG post.

Write down the comments, likes, saves, shares you received. By the end of the week note down some similar patterns. There you go, the hours that seem to be most in your favor will be right in front of you. Keeping a spreadsheet will also help you in keeping track of old and altered choices.


Building a content strategy and mildly cheating the system will take some time. Just remain vigilant with your approach. The suggestions stated above will help you in optimizing your posting time. Even if you aren’t always available to manually post during designated time stamps. You can schedule weekly posts in advance and hope for the best. The biggest takeaway from this article is that you should keep experimenting with posting hours!

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