Best Apps to Unblur Your Pictures

5 Best Apps to Unblur Your Pictures

Everyone wants their Instagram feed to be more attractive and poignant than others. So, this means using the right filters and perfectly clear pictures. How disappointing it is when all your pictures turn out blurry after a night out. Now of course we can’t turn back time.

We can still fix the teeny tiny issue at hand. There are some amazing Android and iOS apps that can unblur some of the haziest images. Before using these apps you must check Instagram image size before posting on your profile.

What you’re looking for is something super affordable and straightforward. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best image editing applications to make your images crisper. Here are the top 5 best unblur picture apps!


Performing edits that seem professional isn’t that easy. This is why this application has no BS mechanism. It’s easy to use, multipurpose, and free to download. Now, you can de-haze even some of the most blurry snaps. Instagram users especially prefer Afterlight as their go-to editing tool. It’s available for both android and iOS users.

Furthermore, this application also has a pro version that’s worth $2.99 monthly. Afterlight lets you create the clearest images. Slide to 100 towards the right on its clarity adjustment slider. There’s a paid feature called Clarify. What’s so impressive is that applying this will automatically improve focus and image exposure.

Adobe Lightroom

Like most applications on this list, this is also available on both iOS and Android. Apart from sharpening your images, you can also indulge in other technical improvements. For instance, Adobe Lightroom lets you adjust hues, shadows, and many other aspects. As stated earlier this is a multipurpose platform. If you are well aware of the editing tools in other Adobe software you will love this.

You can either manually make adjustments or apply a filter to get crispier images. To edit your images you will find most tools in the detail panel. Here you can add extra details, maintain sharpness levels and refine any picture. Don’t forget to check up on the radius adjustment bar to leave a sharper impact.


Snapseed is another application that deserves a mention on this list. This app is suitable for both iOS and Android users. What’s so special about this application is that it lets you modify some minor details. Thus you can improve picture quality and adjust focus according to your liking.

Snapseed also lets you adjust colour saturation and exposures. You can download it for free and there are no hidden in-app purchases. Head over to Tools and then select Details. While you’re here, use the sharpening slider in moderation to avoid grain. Another great aspect to look into is the texture adjustment in the Details tool. This will reduce the blurriness even further.

Vsco: Photo & Video Editor

Nobody follows industry standards quite as well as this app. It’s one of the most straightforward applications that anyone can easily use. Now you can bring any picture into high calibre without seeking expert aid. There’s also an abundance of preset filters in this app. You can sharpen up your images with its handy tools and adjust the clarity. Those who love a 90s element to their pictures will love the added grain effect.

Vsco also lets you adjust; saturation, white balance, colour contrast, etc. Beginners will also love socializing on Vsco. Yes, Vsco also allows users to share their pictures with others. If your content’s much appreciated then it’ll probably get featured on their explore page. You can use most of Vsco’s features for free. Yet its membership offers additional perks for $4.99 monthly.


Focos is for one of those days when your pictures are not amazing. Yet, the focus seems to be shifted someplace else. Once you open this image editor; it will seem similar to a DSLR camera’s setting. This application is solely available for iOS users. Thus Android users can take a look at the other options on this list. Focos provides extreme aperture adjustment settings.

So, you can decide if you want to focus on the entire image or a portion. This application might be slightly different from other editors but gives satisfactory results. Another advantage of this editing app is the impressive bokeh effect it provides.


Most of the applications mentioned above favour both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, these applications have some amazing extra features; filters, stickers, etc. So, you can add a spark to your images while unblurring them. You don’t really have to buy the pro version or get a membership to use most of the tools.

We hope that you like our picks of some of the best image editors. Now, what are you waiting for? Haven’t you heard, a picture’s worth 1000 words. Get back to clicking and editing some amazing snaps.

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